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Personal Fitness training to accommodate practically any budget!


Here’s what you get in this package


  • * 2-hour workout and workshop session (In your home or at a previously designated facility)


 During this time you will be evaluated, set up on a workout plan that will JumpStart your success and maximize your time during your future 60 Minute sessions on your own!
  •  * A high-performance menu plan based on your particular goals, prior experiences and what Hunter believes gives you your best chance to stick to and follow the plan. As I previously mentioned in my video knowing what to do is one thing while getting you to do it is something entirely different!
  • *30-day follow-up which at your option can include before and after photos if you choose to take them and provide them to Hunter via email. Whether or not you elect to provide Hunter with before and after photos he will have a phone conversation with you for 15 minutes 30 days later to follow up with answers to your questions and suggested modifications to your training routine.


This $95 budget Jump Start Plan is designed to accommodate two different scenarios


* an individual who simply cannot afford Hunter’s services on a regular basis but wants to give themselves an intelligent plan to start off with that affords them the greatest results in the shortest period of time and the highest probability of success in the months and years to come.


* an individual that simply wants to try it out with Hunter may use this to decide prior to purchasing multiple sessions. This is a no-nonsense approach to begin your training relationship with Hunter, and have the option to amortize this $95 purchase into whatever long-term plan is mutually agreed upon.

*no refunds


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