Hunter’s Qualifications __________


Hunters Early Year’s

At age 16, I left my older brother’s house went out and got a job at a health club. However, company policy required that you be at least 18 years old to work there. I sat down with the owner and due to my immaculate shape and great personality I got hired on as a trainer and membership consultant. I was a natural at the business. I had been lifting weights since age 14 as part of my football training regimen. During this time I had developed an advanced physique superior to men much older than me. I also gravitated towards helping people and working with the members this just came as a natural second nature to me I had a love and natural propensity for training and inspiring others!

At age 18, I went to Venice California and started training at Gold’s Gym to prepare for The Teenage America. It was such an incredible experience for me to go to Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach and witness for the first time all of those professional bodybuilders. I befriended many of them and learned many invaluable training philosophies and techniques. I was a sponge and was eager to soak up the knowledge from every pro bodybuilder training in Gold’s Gym during that era. I took third in the Teenage America that year. Since I was only 18 I was still eligible to return the next year and try again for the title of Teenage America.

After the competition, I returned to the southeast and continued to work as a fitness trainer and membership consultant for a few different fitness centers. At age 18 I won my first show The Mr. Dixie. Then at age 19, I won both the Teenage Mr. Atlantic States and the Open Division Mr. Atlantic States as well as all body parts.

At age 20, I took second in the Mr. Southern States. I then spent the next 8 years as a personal fitness trainer and fitness center manager. Ultimately ending up in Austin Texas where I started the first of three fitness centers called Future Firm. I have always stayed hands-on and trained my members on a one-on-one basis and continued to maintain a world-class physique. It was during this time-frame that I became very proactive with the Special Olympics, the children with Down Syndrome, the Dare Foundation, the Boy Scouts of America, the Center for Battered Women and many other important charities in the community. After about 6 years I sold those clubs in Texas and went back to California and became a very popular celebrity fitness trainer. I had many celebrity clients that had home gyms in their Mansions. I also had two private training Studios one in Beverly Hills and one in West Los Angeles.


Life in California

During this time that I was a celebrity personal fitness trainer, I was also training twice a day at Gold’s Gym in Venice. My training partner at that time was world champion Mr. Universe and second runner-up Mr. Olympia Mike Christian. Mike and I met when I first got to Gold’s Gym in Venice when I was training for the Mr. Los Angeles on my second return trip there to California. I was amazed at how focused, friendly, and outgoing Mike was. Both of those things have always been a Hallmark of my training philosophy. I’ve always believed in training as hard as possible under maximum intensity.

During my time in the gym many people would approach me asking questions. I was very adamant about taking a brief few seconds and giving them as much time as I could until it was time for my next set. So many advanced bodybuilders have had the reputation of being very introverted and unapproachable. However, that was the polar opposite of who I wanted to be. I wanted to be charismatic whenever being approached in malls, gyms, or even grocery stores. Mike Christian possessed the same type of personality and philosophy when it came to treating everybody with respect. Mike was always so gregarious and so outgoing. He and I became best friends and together had the reputation of training harder than everybody. The intensity of our workouts was so extreme, comparable to running up stadium steps. Yet both of us would stay friendly and approachable during our workouts. Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach was packed full of good bodybuilders and tourist who visited to see the advanced bodybuilders workout. I made my best gains and got to my personal best when Mike Christian and I trained together those couple of years. Those will always be cherished times for me, and Mike Christian will always remain one of my oldest and dearest friends.

Recent Accomplishments & Closing Statement

Over the years I have continued to stay active in the world of bodybuilding and competed in many two national shows. In 2010 I competed in the Masters Nationals and the IFBB North America. I took second place in both of those shows. In 2012 I competed in the Masters Nationals where I took second place.

Now I want to ask you a few questions and have you visualize your goals. I’ve given you a good bit of background on how I acquired my knowledge. Now let me share with you how I will convey and articulate my knowledge to you. So should I have the opportunity to become your trainer you can rest assured I will have all of the experience needed. This will help me get maximum results from your training and nutritional program!

Can you remember a time in your life when you felt your best?

Your mind was right and your body was fit?

A time when you woke up in the morning excited about your day?

Your energy was boundless and you were ready to attack your responsibilities with passion?

Your stomach felt light and your clothes fit great?

Your morning meal didn’t slow you down and you had pep in your step?

What would it be like to feel this way again?

Whether you are a man, woman, teenager or senior citizen I have the experience and the wisdom to optimize the time you spend pursuing your fitness goals. How would you like to get the same results in the next 6 months that would take you 6 years on your own? I have more than 30 years experience designing and customizing exercise and nutritional plans for virtually all walks of life including; entertainers, busy professionals, high school, College and professional athletes, women that prefer to stay as fit as possible during pregnancy and return to there optimum size after delivery.

For starters, you have to do your part first and complete the fitness assessment form I provide you with. Once you complete this form I will have all the information I need to get you motivated and ready to tackle your workouts with commitment! There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to the psychology of motivating you to take action. Everybody’s different and what motivates one person might overwhelm another person. Simply stated, knowing what you need to do is one thing while getting you to do it is something entirely different! Proper nutrition will play a vital role in your overall success. And there are many different approaches that all work well. The question is which approach is going to work best for you, low carbohydrate, low-fat or low calorie? We will figure it out together!

Do not let one more minute of your life pass you by take action right now right and fill out the fitness profile and provide me with the information I need to get you motivated and to compel you to take action! Any obstacle will be overcome with a positive mental attitude and a can-do spirit! As a fitness trainer serving Beverly Hills, Bellaire, and Malibu I worked with movie producers, Industrialist, celebrities and a great many business Professionals. Now I’m back in Nashville close to my family where I began my life, Proudly serving the good folks here as the areas Premier personal fitness trainer. Upon closing, I will just ask you to rest assured everything you share with me about your current weight, condition, health, lifestyle or your fitness goals will be client-trainer privileged information and will always remain confidential!

Your future trainer and motivator, Hunter


Id like to end this page with a poem called “Forgive Them Anyway” by Mother Theresa


People are often unreasonable illogical and self-centered forgive them anyway


If you are kind people may accuse you of selfish ulterior motives. Be kind anyway


If you are successful you will win some faults friends and some true enemies. Succeed anyway



If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you. Be honest and frank anyway



What you spend years building someone could destroy overnight. Build anyway



If you find Serenity and happiness there may be jealousy. Be happy anyway



The good you do today people will often forget tomorrow. Do good anyway



Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway



You see in the final analysis it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway