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“Lending a hand to our Veterans” Look at the results former marine Rob has obtained in the last 12 months. Rob has gone from a bulky 270 pounds to a lean muscular 220 pounds.





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After a 15-year absence from the gym in 2009 I decided, my kids are in high school it's now time to take time for me. I own a modeling agency and one of my top male models Hunter was a personal fitness trainer. After 9 years of consistent training with Hunter
At age 51 I am in better condition and I have more tone and firmness than I did in my 30s.

Melissa R   
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A+++. Hunter has changed my life. He's teaching me to strengthen and sculpt my body using the most advanced training methods. Fitness is a science, and Hunter has lived it for over 40 years. He has helped me correct bad habits, fix problematic body issues, and is giving an education in fitness I did not expect. Lastly, he makes it possible to do two hours of work in less than an hour. Seeing results in two weeks was simply incredible. If you want a strong, healthy, great-looking body, Hunter is without a doubt the very best at training. Again, A+++!

Drew B   
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I first began working with Hunter in February 2016 to get ready for my upcoming wedding in May later that year. I didn’t really need to lose much weight I just mainly wanted to get toned up all over. In the beginning, I was concerned that I might get muscular or masculine from training with weights. However, I learned that weight training was perfect for me to get the firmness I was looking for. Hunter always has such a positive attitude and he always gets me in the mood to work out. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for results. After I got back from my honeymoon I decided to continue on with Hunter and I have been with him ever since.

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I have been exercising on and off for over 10 years and consistency has always been a challenge for me until last year when I started training with Hunter. I now work out with Hunter religiously three days a week and I am so happy with the results I have gotten. In addition to great workouts he has helped me so much with proper nutrition. I have learned how to make better menu selections and not feel deprived thanks to Hunter. I can wear clothes now I haven’t been able to fit into since college it’s fantastic!

Rhonda R   
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I am 71 years old and feel great. I began training with Hunter years ago.

Hunter is one of the most knowledgeable trainers I have ever met.

He has been bodybuilding and training for decades and really knows his stuff.

David H   
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I broke my right arm and in a serious cheerleader fall my sophomore year in hi school. It was a compound fracture so it took around six months for it to fully heal, during this time I lost so much strength and I missed my whole next year cheerleading. I really wanted to return to cheerleading my senior year but I had lost so much strength so my mother hired Hunter to work with me. Within a few months my strength came back and by the start of my senior year I was back in cheerleading I was so happy Hunter was able to work with me and get stronger and more toned than I was before my accident.

Rebecca P   
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World arm wrestling champion Bill Collins, I been working with Hunter for approximately 5 years. One of my hardest challenges was proper nutrition; In addition to losing fat and gaining muscle. I’m 57 and ever since Hunter came into my life I feel 25 years younger. I learned proper nutrition and how to build muscle while burning fat. Thank you Hunter!

Bill Collins   

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