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Regardless of your location whether you’re in my hometown of Nashville Tennessee or your in some other country, I can still be your virtual trainer!
Here’s how the program works.


*  providing me with photos are at your option they’re helpful to me but they’re not required. If you decide you wish to provide me with photos I will give you an example of the five poses I would like you to do which will give me a comprehensive look at your figure if you’re a woman or physique if you are a man. Keep in mind particularly if you’re a woman and you’re not looking to build noticeable muscle mass. Even though the five poses I would like to work from are bodybuilding poses in nature done by me a world-class bodybuilder, they give me a look at your overall tone shape symmetry and percentage of body fat. Again the photos are not a requirement for me to be your virtual trainer they’re simply a tool and the point of reference that you and I would have as your starting point. Please keep in mind I have been a personal fitness trainer for more than 30 years and I have trained more women than men by a slight margin. So I understand that most women do not want to gain noticeable muscle size however keep in mind that lean body mass is the engine that metabolizes fat! For example, if you were to hire me and over the course of the next six months you were to game 10 lb of lean body mass or muscle while at the same time you were able to metabolize 10 lb of body fat. Your weight would stay the same but your metabolism  would be much faster . By adding 10 lb of lean body mass you will burn an extra 500 calories per day at rest that’s 3500 calories in one week. One pound of fat equals 3500 calories so what this means is for the same amount of exercise and the same caloric consumption you would now lose 1 lb of fat per week that’s 10 lb of fat loss in 10 weeks without doing anything different that’s how much adding lean body mass does for your metabolism. Of course your appearance would change drastically and you would be in much better health and obviously feel a lot better. Most women I have worked with over the years have the misconception that if they gain lean body mass they’re going to look like a female bodybuilder this just simply is not the case. Female bodybuilders are extreme athletes and what it takes for a woman to do that are Extreme Measures that are no part of the body by Hunter training system unless of course you’re a female that wants to do competitive female bodybuilding or competitive figure competitions.Then in that case I would be able to train you for figure / bikini competitor or female bodybuilder but that’s another discussion and I have trained both men and women for competitions in the past, but the majority of people  I am speaking to are both females and males that are looking to go from an out-of-shape figure or physique to an In-Shape figure or physique this well-toned. So back to the photos even though my example photos that I will show you all of me a world-class bodybuilder in top condition that is not what we will be looking to do as your goals these are just standardized poses that show me enough angles of your body that I know what I’m working with and you will have a point of reference what you look like when we began the training program. Over the years even though it’s painful at the time to do it I have always wanted starting pictures of myself and then progressively take more and more photos as I got closer to competitions so it’s kind of like having a pet dog, you get this dog when he or she is a puppy and overtime you watch this puppy become a dog. You do not notice the day-to-day changes as much as someone will or as much as you will if you compare photos from month to month. This same thing holds true when you are getting in shape you won’t realize how much you’ve changed sometimes it will be drastic when you look back at photos and you will be very motivated each month we take a new round two photos should you decide to participate in the photo aspect of training with Body by Hunter.


Whether or not you choose to provide me with the starting photos I will need you to fill out the fitness assessment form under the get a free consultation with Hunter section of the website.That will be the starting point whether you provide photos or not I will need that Fitness profile filled out in its entirety and then that gives me something to work with so I can become your trainer and help you achieve the maximum Possible results in the minimum amount of time. My clients have found that they will get the same results with me in 6 months that would take them 6 years on their own!




Even though you are only interested in hiring me as your virtual trainer I will still give you a free phone consultation after you complete the fitness profile in its entirety then i will be happy to offer you a free phone consultation.


 Once you have completed your Fitness profile and its entirety then I will contact you by phone if you are in another country other than the United States you will need a WhatsApp number for me to contact you on. If you do not have a WhatsApp number you can download the app for free and it’s free to use it’s also away that we would talk on the phone and share photos in addition to email.


During this free consultation phone call I will give you my assessment as to what I think of your current lifestyle and exercise regimen. I will also render an opinion of your current nutritional practices.


set you up on a comprehensive weight training program, including exercises, sets, reps, and a formula so that you will know how much weight to use on each exercise.


design a carefully-planned high-performance menu based on all available data that you share with me in your Fitness profile as well as what we discussed on the phone.