Women’s Fitness Profile

Dear fellow self-improvement enthusiast,

You’ve taken a big step. Now you’re about to take another. This Fitness Profile, while confidential between you and me, can feel painfully exposing, but the best results often come to the clients who are most honest about their current physical fitness needs.


I assume, having made it to the Profile section, that you have viewed the video on the homepage and read through all of the accompanying materials. If not, no problem. But, these questions will make more complete sense to you if you’ll take a few minutes now to do that. Then return to this profile and dig in to these questions.


By now you have probably glanced at how extensive this Fitness Profile is and how many questions I am asking you. As I am writing to you, I’m putting myself in your shoes, asking myself how I might feel. At the doctor’s office, when they hand me the clipboard with a stack of forms, I can feel overwhelmed. Similarly, at a glance this may feel like that, but it’s worth it. I’m going to carefully read every answer that you give me. I’m going to apply everything I’ve learned to understanding your responses. That, and my years of fitness training experience, will help me design a total plan that gives you your best opportunity for success!


Please take your time. Try to answer all the questions. By providing me with this information, you empower me to be the best motivator and trainer you could ever need! Whether you are long distance, and our potential relationship is limited by the telephone; or whether you are in the Nashville area, and I would be training you in person, at your home or a local gym; please know this is my life’s great joy! I find great fulfillment in actually helping my clients see their goals being achieved. Few things give me more satisfaction than helping valued clients like you achieve your personal best fitness goals!


Best of health,

Hunter Mann